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About us

Avanti is a unit of Sri Mahalakshmi enterprises Avanti – Traditionally Andhra is one of the most popular and authentic Andhra restaurants in Bangalore, known for its lip-smacking Andhra-style cuisine and warm hospitality. The restaurant’s interiors are tastefully done up, with traditional South Indian elements adding to its charm.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

Lunch : 11.30 AM – 3.45 PM
Dinner : 06.30 PM – 10.45 PM


Lunch : 11.30 AM – 04.00 PM
Dinner : 06.30 PM – 10.45 PM


Lunch : 11.30 AM – 3.45 PM
Dinner : 06.30 PM – 10.45 PM


The food tastes great and authentic and menu items are also very unique which I have never heard of and it was great trying out all the food items. The taste of the food and it's uniqueness and the way they present it also is outstanding. Overall it's really an authentic Andhra style restaurant in karnataka and especially in bangalore and the number of variety of dishes they have are all lip smacking

Yashash reddy HSR LAYOUT

Awesome Food, Great Ambience and a Pleasant Service. One can't expect better. Biryani was very authentic and would say the best I had in recent times. Special mention to all the desserts they have in the menu, loved them. Overall a Must visit place.


Perfect place for fine dining experience, loved the ambience and authentic Andhra cuisine Must try Avanti chicken biryani Coconut pudding mouth watering stuff

Indulge in Andhra's authentic flavors, served fresh daily.

Andhra cuisine is renowned for its bold and spicy flavors, extensive use of chilies and tamarind, and a rich variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


Distinctive menus crafted by skilled chefs

Discover a world of culinary delights with our specially curated menus, crafted by our talented and experienced chefs. From innovative new dishes to classic favorites, our chefs have carefully selected and prepared each item with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a new fine dining experience, a cozy night in, or a special event, our menus are designed to cater to all of your needs and satisfy your taste buds. Come and experience the unique and exquisite creations of our chefs today.


Hyderabad Lamb Dum Biryani

Aromatic Basmati Rice Biryani Cooked On A Dum With
Marinated Young Lamb, Saffron, Yogurt And Brown Onions.
A World Famous Delicacy From The Cuisine Of Hyderabad


Spicy Pan - Simmered Prawns

Fresh Prawns Simmered In A Reduced Thick Gravy,
A Sunday Signature From The Households Of Andhra


Rayalaseema Mutton Curry

Slow Contad Lamb Cury Spiced Wi Homemade Matas,
Recipe From Toe Begin Of Baars


Classic Country Chicken Broth

Andhra’s Most Famous Soup With
Smoked Country Chicken, Tamarind,
Pound Black Pepper, Cumin And Garlic



Hyderabadi Glazed Chicken Wings

Tandoori Cooked Chicken Wings Tossed With Hyderabadi Dum Gravy


Garlic & Gun Powder Country Chicken

Double cooked free range chicken
Spiced with garlic, gunpowder,
Chillies and curry leaves


Hyderabadi Mutton Fry

A Recipe from The Muslim Household Of The Old City, Hyderabad. Young Lamb Slow Cooked To Perfection With Spices, Ginger, Garlic And Curry Leaves.


Spicy Crab Masala

Mud Crab Slow Cooked In Its Own Reduction With
Spicy Onion And Tomato Masala, Curry Leaves And Garlic


Discover Andhra's rich culinary legacy

Andhra’s Culinary Heritage: a food lover’s paradise.